Ripen the MeriSTEM, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated during the summer of 2014. The purpose of the organization is to close the achievement gap for underrepresented individuals interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) career fields by utilizing rigorous, innovative professional development and career counseling approaches that have a multicultural focus,  developed and implemented by scientists from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. To meet this goal, Ripen the MeriSTEM seeks to meet the needs of individuals who are interested in science but who may need to be strengthened in specific skill areas (i.e. scientific communication, analytical thinking, research methods, etc).




To provide innovative, individualized training for the personal development and career advancement of persons from groups that are historically underrepresented in STEM fields.



What does "Ripen the MeriSTEM" mean?

            In plants, a meristem is a region of cells that is capable of division and growth. These cells are undifferentiated (without a distinct function and/or fate) and are therefore capable of becoming any type of plant cell. The word, meristem, is where the parallel term used in animals was derived, "stem cell". At Ripen the MeriSTEM, we aim to develop (or "ripen") budding scientists from diverse backgrounds who are yet "undifferentiated" but who are full of the potential to become great!